When will you get the benefit of 100 unit waiver in light bill?
Who will not get the benefit of 100 unit waiver

Gandhinagar Chief Minister Vijay Rupani made a big announcement a month ago that the poor and lower middle class would be given a waiver of up to 100 units in the electricity bill during the difficult times of lockdown. The Rupani government has issued a circular on June 22 to allay the concerns of people who were not given relief in the bills sent by all the power companies in the state this month. The Rupani government has clarified in the circular that under the Atmanirbhar Gujarat Yojana, consumers with less than 200 units of consumption in the state will be exempted from the electricity bill of 100 units. In addition, their one-month fund charge will also be waived. A circular in this regard has been issued and it will impose a burden of Rs 600 crore on the state government. The scheme will benefit 92 lakh consumers in the state.

Multiply the difference between the last meter reading before the lockdown of residential power customers and the subsequent first meter reading in daily power consumption by its 30 days. 100 units and one month field charge will be waived.


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